Storage Rules


· DO NOT give your security code to ANYONE without permission from Landlord.

· Absolutely no one may live in a rig on the premises. · Please make sure you leave community facilities like dump, wash, and water stations clean after use.

· ALL PRICES ARE CHARGED BY THE “TIP TO TIP” LENGTH OF THE VEHICLE(S) STORED. If you add additional items to your rented space, you must report it to the office.

· It is your responsibility to keep your “proof” of Insurance up to date in our files. Your agent may email it to Hometown RV Storage.

· Please wash your rig in the “RV wash area” AND NOT in your parking space.

· Do NOT empty water of any kind on the parking lot; you agree to use the free dump station for gray or black tanks and the free RV water access for dumping clean water.

· The premises are to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by you and NO debris or other garbage should accumulate during the term of your lease.

· All items and articles must be stored inside your unit. Flammable liquids and used tires may not be stored inside or outside of the unit or anywhere on the property. Propane in its proper holding station in your rig is of course allowed

· Outdoor receptacles located on a few of the light poles are for temporary use only, such as powering a vacuum cleaner, air pump, light, battery charger, or getting your RV ready to leave on a trip, etc. Outdoor receptacles are not to be used to power air conditioners or supply power to RVs stored in the facility for longer than 24 hours.

· A VERY NICE climate controlled public rest room is provided for your comfort and convenience. We attempt to keep it extremely clean at all times. Please help us keep it clean by cleaning up after yourself at all times.

· NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BLOCK ANOTHER SPACE (even if it is empty) WITH any vehicle. YOU WILL PAY A $50.00 FINE for this violation, PLUS A TOWING FEE.

· No unlawful business shall at any time be carried on upon or from said premises.

· Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may not be consumed, bought or sold on LANDLORD’S premises. No person under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is permitted on the property.

· You are responsible for securing your wheel covers so they don’t blow off.

· ALL PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON THE LOT. This is for the safety of all dogs and owners.

· The Trash Container at Dump Station is for Camping trip trash ONLY; not your home trash.

· You must dispose of your trash in the container provided. If container is FULL, your trash must be removed from the premises by you, the tenant. Large items may not be disposed of on the premises. Cardboard boxes must be broken down before being placed in the trash container. You will be charged for any trash left behind or disposed of improperly.

As a further consideration for the use and occupancy of said premise you agree to faithfully keep and be bound by the covenants, conditions, and agreements.